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What happens to my old windows and doors?2020-02-18T19:18:05-05:00

Tropical Window Inc., will haul away and discard all old windows, doors, parts, and any other job-related materials no longer being used.

What do I do if there is a problem with my windows after installation?2020-02-18T19:17:51-05:00

If a problem should arise after installation, contact Tropical Window at 352-795-4226 or toll-free at 888-744-4226. We will be happy to assist in fixing the issue.

How many weeks does it take to get my windows order in?2020-02-18T19:17:35-05:00

Generally, for MI Windows 6-8 weeks; PGT 8-10 weeks; and for Simonton, somewhere around 8 weeks. These are just approximations, as during busy times of the year/holidays the wait can be longer and during slow-periods, the wait can be less. Your salesperson will update you to the current turn-around time.

How much time does it take to get my windows installed?2020-02-18T19:17:22-05:00

Generally, 1 hour per window. However, there is a very broad spectrum of factors that could change this to a longer period of time. Factors, such as, but not limited to — what windows were previously installed, are windows being installed on multiple floors, etc.

What brands of windows do you install?2020-02-18T19:13:50-05:00

We use the following brands of windows:

  • MI Windows
  • PGT Windows
  • Simonton Windows
  • Custom Window Systems
  • Window Craftsmen
How can I prepare my house for replacement windows?2020-02-18T19:18:18-05:00

Remove blinds, knick-knacks, and any window treatments. Remove furniture if possible. Please have all pets put away, we cannot be responsible for pets escaping out of open windows or doors.

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